Can you tell your story with a single image?  Timothy Aguero is a commercial photographer who can.

Tim has been consistently telling stories that sell the brands of individuals, companies, and non-profits for over 15 years.  “Every image I create for you evokes feeling…that’s my goal.  Any brand needs clarity of message…and I deliver high quality, well-directed imagery essential to that message. I work to understand your company’s philosophy and goals and give you imagery that both elevates and inspires.

Tim’s images have been sought out by the healthcare, construction, and food industries, where his talent for capturing people in action has helped companies market and recruit.

A former scenic cruise captain, salesman, and sculptor with a yen for hockey, pool, and garage sales, Tim’s passion includes teaching photography to kids.  “Photography is so accessible now…but also less refined. Teaching composition skills is my way to raise the bar and show kids what they can create with some thought and practice.”